November 18, 2011

Black Is Black

Black Is Black - Act Like U Know bw Kids From The Street 12" (199x) TN

A1-Act Like U Know
A2-Act Like U Know (Instrumental)
A3-Act Like U Know (Rugged Mix)
B1-Intro (Dialogue)
B2-Kids From The Street


November 08, 2011

3rd Degree

A1-Nobody´s Bizness (Radio)
A2-Nobody´s Bizness (Street)
A3-Nobody´s Bizness (Instrumental)
B1-Travel Through The Darkness (Radio)
B2-Travel Through The Darkness (Street)
B3-Travel Through The Darkness (Instrumental)

3 Steps From Nowhere

Beyond Da Order

Beyond Da Order - Red Enuff Ep (1994) NYC, BROOKLYN

A1 - Red Enuff (Censored Version)
B1 - Funk Is Party Time (Edited Version)
B2 - Red Is F**K


November 06, 2011


Negative 3 - Where U From? EP (1995) CH

A1 - Diggy Dang
A2 - Here's How It Goes
B1 - Are U Down Wit The 3
B2 - Let's Make Love Tonight


August 24, 2011

Balance & Terror

Balance & Terror - Let It Flow EP (1992) NYC
A1 - Let It Flow (Clean)
A2 - Let It Flow (LP Version)
A3 - Let It Flow (Instrumental)
B1- Intro ( O Lord )
B2 - Represent
B3 - Intro (Intrumental)

July 03, 2011

Cold Wind Hands (1972)

Cold Wind Hands (Lung Fei, 1972)
CN audio, NO English subs

809 MB/ 1020 video rate / 708x448 picture size

The famous teacher Fa, old and hoary, it returns to the town of origin together with the adoptive daughter Chin Sin and of the preferred disciple You-Nan. He doesn't want to reveal the secret hit of the karate which the succession of the command is attached. Chin-since recruit champions, offering money and herself to whom the teacher will avenge. You introduces among the other ones a young fellow pazzerellone from the tender aspect, Yu-Ling, that is assumed as gardener. Among the challenges, clashes and smargiassate of the two adverse parts, Yu-Ling employs strength and unheard of ability, always concealing himself behind jokes. He killed or dispersed Chin-since the champions of, this is captured by Tin-Nan, and then Yu-Ling reveals him: he is that Kuns that the teacher does he had invoked dying, depositary of the secret of the cold hand that kills with the simple contact, without lasciar traces. In a decisive battle, Kun kills all inclusive Tin-Nans. Then renouncement to the crying one Chin-sin and and it puts again him walk to punish the arrogant persons and twisted raddrizzar.

you will need split & concat to join the files


June 09, 2011

Warlock Of The Battlefield (1982)

Warlock Of The Battlefield (1982)
CN Audio / English subs dubbed

829.6 MB / Wide screen / 1100 video rate / 708x400 picture size

Top quality copy, very clear release.

you will need split & concat to join the files


June 07, 2011

Bloody Hand Goddess (1970)

Bloody Hand Goddess (1970) aka Cruelty Goddess

CN audio/ English subs dubbed

MKV file / 1015 kpbs video / megaupload server

Definitely you have to watch this rarity, especially the beauty Cheung Ching


you have to use Split & Concat to join the files.

May 19, 2011

DJ Crave - Tha Verdict mixtape

Yo, i have not share anything for a while so i decided to share one of mixtapes i own ( got full box from a friend of mine, but ripping them is hella slow).

DJ Crave - Tha Verdict (mixtape (1996/1997)

you can check the track list, some hot joints over here.

Download A side
Download B side

Give me feedback,please. ENJOY!

March 31, 2011

March 19, 2011

John Doe

John Doe - Easy Back Ep (1993) Philly

A1-Do What I Gotta Do (Radio)
A2-Is You Wit It (Radio)
A3-Do What I Gotta Do (Instrumental)
B1-Easy Back (Radio)
B2-Easy Back (Instrumental)


February 17, 2011

February 02, 2011

January 15, 2011