July 03, 2011

Cold Wind Hands (1972)

Cold Wind Hands (Lung Fei, 1972)
CN audio, NO English subs

809 MB/ 1020 video rate / 708x448 picture size

The famous teacher Fa, old and hoary, it returns to the town of origin together with the adoptive daughter Chin Sin and of the preferred disciple You-Nan. He doesn't want to reveal the secret hit of the karate which the succession of the command is attached. Chin-since recruit champions, offering money and herself to whom the teacher will avenge. You introduces among the other ones a young fellow pazzerellone from the tender aspect, Yu-Ling, that is assumed as gardener. Among the challenges, clashes and smargiassate of the two adverse parts, Yu-Ling employs strength and unheard of ability, always concealing himself behind jokes. He killed or dispersed Chin-since the champions of, this is captured by Tin-Nan, and then Yu-Ling reveals him: he is that Kuns that the teacher does he had invoked dying, depositary of the secret of the cold hand that kills with the simple contact, without lasciar traces. In a decisive battle, Kun kills all inclusive Tin-Nans. Then renouncement to the crying one Chin-sin and and it puts again him walk to punish the arrogant persons and twisted raddrizzar.

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